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Hardware Unlimited is a great alternative to your typical home improvement store when it comes to door hardware. They have many more options to choose from in styles that will help your house stand out from the others. They have front entry sets in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Their products are backed by a lifetime warranty and have many of the modern conveniences like push button or remote locking mechanisms. They have interior door hardware like knobs and levers, but in styles and designs like no other. They have a beautiful assortment of crystal door knobs with elegant escutcheon plates that will remind you of the period homes of the past. They have door hinges, door stops, door knockers, mail slots, and house numbers and address plaques, all in matching finishes. They also have commercial grade door hardware, door closers and panic bars for commercial construction. They even have the old mortise style interior and exterior door hardware to retrofit old homes as well.

Some of the services that they include with the purchase of your door hardware includes: free keying of the locksets (so that all the locks match the same key), scheduled walk through (to ensure the order is placed correctly the first time), blue print analysis of new home door configuration, and labeling of the locksets to aid in installation.

Whether you need door hardware for your new home or business or you're looking to update the look of your old home head over to Hardware Unlimited to complete your project. Check out some of the brands list on this page to see what they offer or head over to the showroom and see for yourself.

Door Hardware in Toledo